May 2023 Items Re-Stocked

Despite the recent efforts of certain village idiots bad mouthing us on Facebook*, the shop is very much still in business.

We recently obtained a brand new business credit card from the bank, and once the pin number finally arrived in the mail to join it after the bank holiday weekends, I finally made it to the Cash & Carry with it on Tuesday 9th of May. to get £469 worth of stuff. Which I ended up having to put back because the card machine declined the damn thing twice due to a stupid anti-fraud security check thing.

After a 40-minute drive home with a car running on fumes, and another 40-minutes screwing on with a call centre to find out why the card was rejected, I had another go on Wednesday 10th of May at getting mostly the same things. Continue reading “May 2023 Items Re-Stocked”

Response To Local Malicious Gossip on Facebook

It came to our attention lastnight that a certain local malicious gossipy gobshite was talking smack about our small family owned business on The Real Whitby Facebook Group.

A Response from Colin Duck himself to the 2 people who pissed him off the most when I showed him a print out of the post:

To Pauline Sellers:
Pauline Sellers says she won’t shop at Colin Duck Grocers “because it’s so dirty”.

NOT the opinion of Food Standards – Hygiene Rating = 5 Stars
Remarks on report “Very Good Standards Found” – 17th May 2022

To dog fetishist* Kathy Frost:
I have NEVER seen a dog in Sainsbury’s!
* Kathy is one of those Einstein’s who don’t seem to be able to get their head round the concept that food premises have to follow these things called Food Safety Laws, which include it being highly advised against to allow dogs on the premises (unless it’s a guide dog accompanied by a blind person).