May 2023 Items Re-Stocked

Despite the recent efforts of certain village idiots bad mouthing us on Facebook*, the shop is very much still in business.

We recently obtained a brand new business credit card from the bank, and once the pin number finally arrived in the mail to join it after the bank holiday weekends, I finally made it to the Cash & Carry with it on Tuesday 9th of May. to get £469 worth of stuff. Which I ended up having to put back because the card machine declined the damn thing twice due to a stupid anti-fraud security check thing.

After a 40-minute drive home with a car running on fumes, and another 40-minutes screwing on with a call centre to find out why the card was rejected, I had another go on Wednesday 10th of May at getting mostly the same things.
Included amongst the items was re-stock of the wine shelves:

  • Barefoot Merlot
  • YellowTail Shiraz
  • Jam Shed Shiraz
  • Barefoot Pinot Grigio
  • I Heart Sauvignon Blanc

We also got some more beer:

  • Heineken 4x440ml
  • Theakston Old Peculier
  • Black Sheep Ale
  • Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

I also tried getting some Sharp’s Doom Bar, but had to put it back to stretch out the budget.
Didn’t get any Bud Light as there’s still at least three 4-packs of the stuff sat on the shelf gathering dust.

We also have household paper products back in stock at low prices compared to most other places:

  • Jack’s Luxury Soft 3-ply Toilet Rolls 9-pack, Still only £3.65 (RRP £4.29)
  • Jack’s Luxury Soft 3-ply Toilet Rolls 4-pack, Priced at £2.29 (RRP £2.49)
  • Jack’s Multi-Purpose Jumbo Kitchen Roll 2-pack Priced at £2.75 (RRP £2.99)

Still have some Euro Shopper 4-packs of Kitchen Roll from last trip to Cash & Carry, priced at £1.96 (RRP £2.19).

Some other items we also got back in stock:

  • Jack’s Crinkle Cut Oven Chips 750g, Price Marked £1.39
  • Euro Shopper Baked Beans, Price Marked 59p
  • Branston Baked Beans, PM £1
  • Pepsi 330ml cans, PM 75p
  • Classic Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Lollies, Price Marked £1
  • Barista Cafe Latte canned coffee drinks, Price Marked £1
  • Volvic 500ml bottles of still water
  • Oreo Cookies, PM 99p
  • Jack’s Spaghetti Rings (Spaghetti Hoops)

We recently ditched the Euro Shopper Orange Juice, as the “budget” orange juice has continued to sky-rocket in price from £1 to £1.19 last year, and now it’s gone up to £1.59 for the 1 litre carton of the stuff.

We’ve replaced it with slightly more upmarket cartons of Jack’s branded cartons of 1-litre Orange Juice, which have much easier to handle spouts for pouring the stuff. They also come in “Smooth” and “with bits” options, and have a multi-buy offer on them to make the price less bad.

The first batch I brought back were Price Marked 2 for £2.70 (effectively £1.35 each), with a single pack RRP of £1.69 each.

They’ve now gone up as well, with a Price Marked multi-buy offer of 2 for £3 (effectively £1.50 each), with an RRP of £1.89 each, but we’ve kept them down at £1.69 each (2 for £3).

*When we’ve got enough bloody problems as it is…..

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