May 2023 Items Re-Stocked

Despite the recent efforts of certain village idiots bad mouthing us on Facebook*, the shop is very much still in business.

We recently obtained a brand new business credit card from the bank, and once the pin number finally arrived in the mail to join it after the bank holiday weekends, I finally made it to the Cash & Carry with it on Tuesday 9th of May. to get £469 worth of stuff. Which I ended up having to put back because the card machine declined the damn thing twice due to a stupid anti-fraud security check thing.

After a 40-minute drive home with a car running on fumes, and another 40-minutes screwing on with a call centre to find out why the card was rejected, I had another go on Wednesday 10th of May at getting mostly the same things. Continue reading “May 2023 Items Re-Stocked”

Latest Products Added – September 2022

Attempts to get the stock levels back up to scratch again after he’d been skimping on it to cover the shop electric bill (again) have been on-going, with trips to Bookers happening on Thursday 1st and Monday 5th September.

Much of the “Happy Shopper”, “Discover the Choice” and “Euro Shopper” own-label items at Bookers is getting replaced with “Jack’s, Part of the Tesco Family” branded stuff, and also seeing minor price increases.

Some of the additions recently made include:

  • Euro Shopper Digestive Biscuits PM 59p (400g pack)
  • Euro Shopper Jaffa Cakes PM £1
  • Jack’s Gold Roast Instant Coffee PM £2.39 (90g jar)
  • Pepsi 330ml PM 75p
  • Vimto Fizzy 330ml PM 65p
  • Clover Spread 500g PM £2
  • Lurpak Spreadable 250g (wholesaler only selling them in expensive full cases now)
  • Jack’s Spaghetti Hoops 395g PM 89p
  • Heinz Macaroni Cheese 400g PM £1.45
  • San Pellegrino Aranciata 330ml (Italian Fizzy Orange Drink) RRP £1.25, but think he said he’s going to charge 89p for it
  • Barr D&B (Dandelion & Burdock) 2 litre bottles, PM £1.19 or 2 for £2
  • Barr Shandyade 2 litre bottles PM £1.19 or 2 for £2 (improved recipe with the aspartame for tip-toeing round the stupid sugar tax replaced with Sucralose)
  • Dr Pepper 330ml PM 69p
  • Daz Regular Powder 650g PM £2.49
  • Taylor’s Rich Italian Ground Coffee
  • Jack’s Assorted Toffee’s PM 89p (no longer have a multi-buy offer like the Happy Shopper ones did)
  • Maltesers PM 60p
  • Kit Kat 4-finger PM 60p
  • Jam Shed Shiraz
  • Jack’s Bathroom Spray PM £1.39
  • Jack’s Crinkle Cut Chips 750g PM £1
  • Euro Shopper Orange Juice PM £1.19
  • Yellow Tail Shiraz 75cl (decided to replaced the Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz)