May 2023 Items Re-Stocked

Despite the recent efforts of certain village idiots bad mouthing us on Facebook*, the shop is very much still in business.

We recently obtained a brand new business credit card from the bank, and once the pin number finally arrived in the mail to join it after the bank holiday weekends, I finally made it to the Cash & Carry with it on Tuesday 9th of May. to get £469 worth of stuff. Which I ended up having to put back because the card machine declined the damn thing twice due to a stupid anti-fraud security check thing.

After a 40-minute drive home with a car running on fumes, and another 40-minutes screwing on with a call centre to find out why the card was rejected, I had another go on Wednesday 10th of May at getting mostly the same things. Continue reading “May 2023 Items Re-Stocked”

New Bit of the Website

Welcome to the new wordpress blog section of the shop’s website.

I’ve added this to supplement, and then probably replace the main part of the website that’s been up since around 2016/2017 when I had to switch over from Netobjects Fusion to Mobirise software in order to start using Responsive Web Design in order to keep Google happy.

I’ll probably eventually make a full switch over to this wordpress blog built thing once I’ve got all the blurb copied over from the current website and got the majority of the plug-ins working that I normally use on my other wordpress installs + a few new ones specific to this website (review widgets, etc).

I’m hoping doing the website this way will make it much easier to update things on the fly, and get rid of some of the lack of flexibility and weird glitches I was getting with the Mobirise software.

It should also make it easier to connect things to assorted well known popular social networking websites + review websites, etc.