May 2023 Items Re-Stocked

Despite the recent efforts of certain village idiots bad mouthing us on Facebook*, the shop is very much still in business.

We recently obtained a brand new business credit card from the bank, and once the pin number finally arrived in the mail to join it after the bank holiday weekends, I finally made it to the Cash & Carry with it on Tuesday 9th of May. to get £469 worth of stuff. Which I ended up having to put back because the card machine declined the damn thing twice due to a stupid anti-fraud security check thing.

After a 40-minute drive home with a car running on fumes, and another 40-minutes screwing on with a call centre to find out why the card was rejected, I had another go on Wednesday 10th of May at getting mostly the same things. Continue reading “May 2023 Items Re-Stocked”

Response To Local Malicious Gossip on Facebook

It came to our attention lastnight that a certain local malicious gossipy gobshite was talking smack about our small family owned business on The Real Whitby Facebook Group.

A Response from Colin Duck himself to the 2 people who pissed him off the most when I showed him a print out of the post:

To Pauline Sellers:
Pauline Sellers says she won’t shop at Colin Duck Grocers “because it’s so dirty”.

NOT the opinion of Food Standards – Hygiene Rating = 5 Stars
Remarks on report “Very Good Standards Found” – 17th May 2022

To dog fetishist* Kathy Frost:
I have NEVER seen a dog in Sainsbury’s!
* Kathy is one of those Einstein’s who don’t seem to be able to get their head round the concept that food premises have to follow these things called Food Safety Laws, which include it being highly advised against to allow dogs on the premises (unless it’s a guide dog accompanied by a blind person).


Latest Products Added – September 2022

Attempts to get the stock levels back up to scratch again after he’d been skimping on it to cover the shop electric bill (again) have been on-going, with trips to Bookers happening on Thursday 1st and Monday 5th September.

Much of the “Happy Shopper”, “Discover the Choice” and “Euro Shopper” own-label items at Bookers is getting replaced with “Jack’s, Part of the Tesco Family” branded stuff, and also seeing minor price increases.

Some of the additions recently made include:

  • Euro Shopper Digestive Biscuits PM 59p (400g pack)
  • Euro Shopper Jaffa Cakes PM £1
  • Jack’s Gold Roast Instant Coffee PM £2.39 (90g jar)
  • Pepsi 330ml PM 75p
  • Vimto Fizzy 330ml PM 65p
  • Clover Spread 500g PM £2
  • Lurpak Spreadable 250g (wholesaler only selling them in expensive full cases now)
  • Jack’s Spaghetti Hoops 395g PM 89p
  • Heinz Macaroni Cheese 400g PM £1.45
  • San Pellegrino Aranciata 330ml (Italian Fizzy Orange Drink) RRP £1.25, but think he said he’s going to charge 89p for it
  • Barr D&B (Dandelion & Burdock) 2 litre bottles, PM £1.19 or 2 for £2
  • Barr Shandyade 2 litre bottles PM £1.19 or 2 for £2 (improved recipe with the aspartame for tip-toeing round the stupid sugar tax replaced with Sucralose)
  • Dr Pepper 330ml PM 69p
  • Daz Regular Powder 650g PM £2.49
  • Taylor’s Rich Italian Ground Coffee
  • Jack’s Assorted Toffee’s PM 89p (no longer have a multi-buy offer like the Happy Shopper ones did)
  • Maltesers PM 60p
  • Kit Kat 4-finger PM 60p
  • Jam Shed Shiraz
  • Jack’s Bathroom Spray PM £1.39
  • Jack’s Crinkle Cut Chips 750g PM £1
  • Euro Shopper Orange Juice PM £1.19
  • Yellow Tail Shiraz 75cl (decided to replaced the Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz)

Card Payments Available Again + Pending ReStock

Our ability to accept payments via Debit Card / Credit Card / Contactless smartphones should return to normal today (Tuesday 18th Jan).
Also we should have our first re-stock of the new year arrive probably during the last 60-90mins of business on Wednesday 19th (not sure why i’m bothering the amount of horn honking + verbal abuse from impatient morons the last few cash & carry trips when I’ve been parked outside trying to unload the bloody car)

27th January 2021 Re-Stock

Wednesday 27th January saw another trip to the Cash & Carry, and the return of more items.

We finally have cans of Happy Shopper Pineapple Slices back on the shelves after several weeks.

It also saw the return of Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer after being missing from our shelves for the past few years (500ml bottles for £2 each).

Also re-stocked are:

  • Branston Pickle
  • Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce
  • Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Barr D&B (Dandelion & Burdock) in 2litre bottles PM £1
  • Barr Shandy 330ml
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 330ml
  • Happy Shopper Toffees (PM 89p or 2 for £1.50)
  • Happy Shopper chocolate mini eggs
  • Tunnock’s Chocolate Tea Cakes
  • Happy Shopper Bourbon Creams PM 59p or 2 for £1
  • Discover the Choice Apple Pies 6-pack PM 2 for £2 (£1.19 for a single pack)
  • Discover the Choice Bakewell Tarts 6-pack PM 2 for £2 (£1.19 for a single pack)
  • Nescafe Gold Blend instant coffee (100g) PM £3.49

Also arrived is Mountain Dew Citrus Blast in 330ml can format (PM 69p or 2 cans for £1.20) to see if it does any better than the more usual 500ml bottles.

As well as topping up the supply of Happy Shopper 3-ply toilet roll 9-packs (PM £2.99), I also brought back the Euroshopper 2-ply toilet roll 9-packs (PM £1.69), which appear to have acquired a new intricate quilted pattern since we last stocked them a few years ago, to make it look like you paid much more than £1.69 for them.

15th January 2021 Re-Stock

On Friday 15th January we had one of the biggest re-stocks of items in quite a while which saw the addition of 128 items.

Included was the addition of “Strongbow Dark Fruit” Cider in 4x440ml pack size, price marked £5.50

It also included the return of Barefoot Malbec Red Wine after many months of being out of it due to purchase limits at the wholesaler during the first lockdown.

Another item to make a return after being out of it for a few weeks Yellow Tail Jammy Roo red wine after they were out of it the last trip before christmas.

New Bit of the Website

Welcome to the new wordpress blog section of the shop’s website.

I’ve added this to supplement, and then probably replace the main part of the website that’s been up since around 2016/2017 when I had to switch over from Netobjects Fusion to Mobirise software in order to start using Responsive Web Design in order to keep Google happy.

I’ll probably eventually make a full switch over to this wordpress blog built thing once I’ve got all the blurb copied over from the current website and got the majority of the plug-ins working that I normally use on my other wordpress installs + a few new ones specific to this website (review widgets, etc).

I’m hoping doing the website this way will make it much easier to update things on the fly, and get rid of some of the lack of flexibility and weird glitches I was getting with the Mobirise software.

It should also make it easier to connect things to assorted well known popular social networking websites + review websites, etc.